Module 3:

Lymphatic System

This module concentrates on the structure and function of the lymphatic system and its connections to the immune response. This module is expected to take 1-2 hours of class time.


VCE Biology(2017-2021)

Unit 3, Area of Study 2, Outcome 2, VCE Biology Study Design

Key knowledge:

Responding to antigens

  • the role of the lymphatic system in the immune response including the role of secondary lymphoid tissue (with reference to lymph nodes) as the site of antigen recognition by lymphocytes, and as a transport system for antigen presenting cells including dendritic cells


1-2 hours

Student learning outcomes

Upon completion of this module students will:

  • list the organs that make up the lymphatic system
  • describe how the lymphatic system operates as a transport and filtering system.

Teacher background information



The Lymphatic System Crash Course A&P #44 (9:19)

This video is a great overview of the lymphatic system.


Lymph nodes (1:46)

A short detailed description of the Lymphatic System.

Web page

Understanding the lymphatic system

Gives a detailed overview of the Lymphatic System including details of disease states within the lymphatic system.

Web page (Interactive)

Immune and lymphatic systems

This website shows and explains how the immune and lymphatic systems are connected.


Teaching sequence


Online Labelling Exercise

This is a series of labelling exercises relating to the lymphatic system

Online Quiz

This is a 10 multiple-choice question quiz published by Fun Trivia

Explanations of answers are given once the quiz has been submitted.

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Thanks to the following for contributing to the development of these sequences:

Special thanks to Ian Bentley and Mary Vamvakas