This learning sequence is linked to VCE Biology Unit 3: Area of Study 2; Outcome 2: Responding to antigens, of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Biology Study Design (2017-2021).

Responding to Antigens

Teaching sequence for: VCE Biology Unit 3, Area of Study 2, Outcome 2

3 modules

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Included here is a collection of useful links to support the teacher to move seamlessly throughout the topic. This sequence includes three modules. The modules align with the different parts of the VCE Biology Study Design (2017-2021) and explore the key knowledge dot points of Responding to Antigens. The intent of this learning sequence is to pool useful resources to provide the user with a ‘one stop shop’ for locating information relevant to AoS2, Outcome 2 Responding to Antigens. I would like to acknowledge medical scientist Helen Haysom for her support and expert advice.



Helen Haysom tells us her story and about her work in the Transfusion Laboratory and Registry.

Getting to know Helen Haysom, her story, role, highlights and challenges
ABO blood grouping, typing, transfusions and artificial blood transfusions
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