Contemporary VCE Biology

The following resources have been produced by a group of Master of Teaching students at Deakin University in collaboration with scientists and education academics — as part of ReMSTEP.

These Units of Work and Resources are aligned with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority VCE Biology Curriculum Units 1 and 2 (2016–2020) and Units 3 and 4 (2017–2021).

Biology skills

Presented here are several resources that will help develop a range of science investigation skills that will support experimental and inquiry tasks in the field and in the laboratory


Conducting Investigations

VCE Biology Units 1-4

This resource scaffolds students through the process of planning, conducting, documenting and communicating scientific investigations. Student support is given in setting up a Log Book and creating a Scientific Poster.



VCE Biology Units 1-4; Victorian Curriculum 7-10

Students learn about the process of conducting fieldwork through a multi-part video guide narrated by Dr. Anneke Veenstra who uses a case study of recent macro-invertebrate research to provide the context for this learning sequence. The Science Skills addressed apply to all secondary students and the activities provided give students experience in analysing raw fieldwork data.